Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Oracle Intelligent Advisor (formerly known as Oracle Policy Automation) is a business rules engine that can be used to enable automated decision making within an organisation. It comes with a web based guided interview feature that makes smart decisions based upon user input. Typical use cases are in the legal and regulated industries such as government & insurance. The business rules are written in natural language & can easily be maintained by non-technical users.  It has out of the box integrations with Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Engagement Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud & Siebel. It’s great for any organisation with or wishing to implement Service Oriented Architecture as it comes ready with web service integration customisable to any solution.

We have experience designing & authoring rule bases around:

  • Complex government policies – Child Maintenance Rules.
  • Local Government Policy – Housing Benefit Assessments, Health & Safety Assessments.
  • Grants Management.
  • Smart & intuitive help systems.
  • Work Allocation rules on large CRM projects.

We are able to provide the following services related to Oracle Intelligent Advisor:

  • Consultancy/Projects/Change Requests/Support Contracts.
  • Rule-base design/development.
  • Out of the Box & Custom Integrations.
  • Best Practice Assurance.
  • Training Delivery.

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